Reclaimed Materials, Contextual Accesories
Intentional Vibe.


Most of our studio and control room interior construction is finished, but there are still a few elements yet to be completed. These include installation of acoustic treatment in the main control room as well as air handling and lighting in both control rooms.

Yet To Come

Construction Update! September 2018: The place is looking and sounding fabulous with cosmetic finishing touches now being applied to the main live space, control room A & B, corridors, bathrooms, kitchen, entryway/cafe area, and loading access corridor. The building exterior is also enjoying a facelift which should be obvious next time you visit! Main console has been wired and patched to the digital converters and the 2" analog recorder. Control room B is wired and operational. The whole place is accented with dozens of large elements from Rick's massive collection of foundry-related curios.

Construction Update! May 2017: We've installed our large loading doors, rolled the console into the control room and have begun final construction of the control room front wall.; September 2017: We're up and running! (kind of...) Lighting and electrical have been completed in the live room, our August Forster piano has been refinished and is already in use on sessions (sounds fantastic! I couldn't be happier). For the moment we're operating completely out of the live room. We are now confident of having the control room construction completed and populated with gear in time for our scehduled official opening in January, 2018. We've now gained access to our substantial office area and are preparing offices and server room as well as a dedicated marketing and development room. This space will also provide lounging and rehearsal/prep area.

The Rest Of The Complex

We have spaces deditcated to isolation booth, office, listening room, conference room, kitchen & lunch room, microphone locker and equipment storage. These are in various stages of completion.

Yet To Come:

  • Install studio & control room lighting
  • Studio & control room air handling
  • Control Room A acoustic treatment
  • Studio mic input bulkhead - wired but not yet mounted
  • Control Room B acoustics treament - almost finshed, acoustic measurements requied to finish the job