Control Room

Classic console, monitors and media.
Modern digital delivery.

Work Space

Our control room is roughly 18' wide by 16' deep with a 9' ceiling. Judicious application of broadband absorption, bass trapping and substatial rear-wall diffusion provides a reliable critical-listening and mixing room free of room modes and early reflections.

Classic Recording

Our Control Room A console is a pristine 36-input Mitsubishi Westar. Formerly known as Quad-Eight, the heritage of the Westar is the story of the original modular mainframe recording consoles designed and built by Quad-Eight in California in the seventies and eighties. In Control Room B we also have a 16-input Midas Pr04 tracking console with those giant Sowter input transformers. Main monitors are Meyer HD-1 Analog sessions are tracked by the Studer A80 two-inch 24 track. Analog mixes handled by the MCI JH110 quarter inch half-track.

Modern Mix and Delivery

Digital duties are executed by MacPro towers running ProTools, Logic, or Digital Performer. We also have a beefy Windows box running Sonar Platinum Producer and WaveLab. All digital interface is via MOTU hardware