Spacious, inviting, sonically pleasing.
Vintage factory-loft vibe.



Our primary space is roughly 1200 square feet with irregular ceiling between 10' and 14'. It is effectively free of modes and is zone-variable from moderately dead to moderatly live. Plenty of space for a full band, choir, orchestra or big band.


Wall surfaces feature reclaimed century-old BC Fir plank louvres mounted on pivots to conceal broadband absorption. Louvres are opened or closed per zone to accomodate the variable "live"-ness as desired. Floors are many and varied reclaimed hardwoods, floating and isolated. All surfaces are treated for a weathered and distressed appearance. Like me. Ceiling is open, treated with broadband absorption and accessorized with reclaimed factory and foundry mechanical elements - hard for me to describe really, you kinda have to see it. Anyway, everybody says it's very cool.